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Ami EcoSand Cat Litter 3kg

Ami EcoSand Cat Litter 3kg

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Ami EcoSand Pet Litter is a clumping and flushable biodegradable cat litter, which is also suitable for use with small animals such as hamsters, rats and parrots.

Made from natural plant material, Ami EcoSand is an eco-sustainable, environmentally friendly cat litter that is completely natural and non toxic for both humans and animals.

Preventing the formation of bacteria, Ami EcoSand eliminates unpleasant odours, and is absolutely hygienic.

As Ami EcoSand is 100% biodegradable, Ami EcoSand can also be disposed of down a toilet.* or composted.

AMÍ EcoSand does not stick to your cat's paws; soft and pleasant, it does not scratch or mark the floor.

What is it made of?

Ami EcoSand is made from by products of non-GMO cereal production. So it makes good use of natural resources, and will not pollute the soil.

How much will I need?

Fill your cat's litter tray as you would with other litters. Then when the cat uses the litter, allow the clumps to form and dry a little before scooping out the soiled litter.
This may be disposed of in your toilet.*

When you change the litter, the old litter may be also be flushed or composted.

*Don't go crazy! Don't try and flush more waste than you might normally expect a toilet to handle.

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