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Threepaws Gourmet Northern Lights Dog Treats

Threepaws Gourmet Northern Lights Dog Treats

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With Activated Coconut Charcoal & Superfood Sprinkles

These plant-powered dog treats are inspired by the magic of the Northern Lights! This special edition flavor is made with organic ingredients, including electric superfoods that light up an activated coconut charcoal "night sky".

This visually exciting treat will be just as exciting for pups who love the sweet and smokey scent of organic mesquite. Plus, easy on the tummy and great for oral health! Healthy AND fun? Done and done! When I couldn't find it—pup by my side—we created it. Coined "A Canine Culinary Masterpiece" by the media, our unique treats have received countless positive reviews and graced many "best-of" lists. They're loved by many names; big names, small names and really, really cute names.

These crunchy (but not too hard) treats are easy to snap/breakdown, making them ideal for every size and stage of life.

What makes us unique?

  • Each protein-packed treat is handcrafted with love, passion and compassion by adults living with disabilities.
  • We are certified "Plastic Negative," meaning we offset double the amount of plastic used in our packaging by partnering with rePurpose Global.
  • Proud to be a recall-free, no mystery meat company.
  • Our plant-based ingredients are as safe as it gets, ensuring a long and healthy shelf-life. - We use 1-ingredient peanut butter, which means no hidden palm oil, salt or sugar.
  • Colors are from superfoods, never chemicals or sugary sprinkles.
  • Visually exciting - often used for pup-cakes etc.
  • We're a small family business that has a strong record of giving back.
  • Named Rover's: - "Best Gourmet Dog Treats" (2020) - "Organic Dog Treats We Love for Allergies, Picky Eaters, and Healthier Snacking" (2020) - "15 Organic Dog Treats We Love for Healthier Snacking" (2021) - "The 8 Best Gourmet Dog Treats for 2021
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