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7 Things to Do on World Animal Day (and Beyond)

4-Oct is internationally celebrated as World Animal Day every year across the globe with the purpose of raising awareness about the protection of animals and educate humans about how their actions impact animals. According to the World Animal Day website, the motto of the day is, "To raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe. Here are 7 things you can do on World Animal Day and beyond to make a difference for animals:

1. Adopt a Rescued Animal

Pet-overpopulation is a serious issue. Every year, hundreds and thousands of animals are given up to shelters and many are killed simply because there aren’t enough homes for them. Despite this, many out there are still breeding animals for the sake of profit. When you choose to adopt a shelter animal, you save a life and at the same time, you send a strong message out there that you’re not supporting an industry that exploits animals. Here is a list of animal shelters in Singapore with companion animals for adoption.


2. Volunteer at Your Local Animal Shelter

Dog walker, shelter helper, animal fosterer, adoption counselor… you name it! Animal shelters are always in need of passionate volunteers like you to help forward their animal welfare causes. Contact your local shelters for volunteering opportunities and decide what best suits your interest and schedule.

3. Make a Donation to an Animal Protection Group

There are many groups out there such as the Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES) that tirelessly fight for greater protection and humane treatment of the animals who share this planet with us. Consider making a monetary contribution or donate much-needed supplies (check out the Wish-list on their sites) to them.

4. Being a Conscious Shopper

Animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, birds are subjected to cruel and painful laboratory experiments to develop many of the personal care and household products in the market even when animal testing these days is unnecessary. There are currently many good and effective products in the market that do not commission these cruel tests on animals. Opt for brands and products that are labeled Cruelty-Free when it comes to shopping for yourself or your fur-buddies. Shopping guides like this and this sure make cruelty-free shopping easier!

5. Read up on Animal Issues

Many of us are familiar with issues regarding companion animals, however there are still many animal issues out there that deserve the attention from us. Just to name a few: dog fighting, circuses, aquariums and marine parks, factory farming, rodeos, animal used for fashion. With these knowledge in hand you can help to spread awareness and educate others on what they can do to stop animal cruelty.

6. Consider Animal-free Alternatives

From Pinatex to MuSkin, animal-free alternatives are making waves in the fashion industry and empowering big names to switch to kinder, better alternatives. Fur Free Alliance has also created a global shopping guide to make shopping fur-free easier.

Choosing animal-free alternatives can also be as easy as over a meal! Did you know that Singapore has been named the 2nd most vegan-friendly city in Asia? From groceries to fancy restaurants, we're spoilt for choice when it comes to delicious animal-free options. The Centre For Responsible Future has probably the most comprehensive guide for anyone who's interested in exploring plant-based!

7. Speak up for Animals

Use today as an opportunity to tell your family and friends why animals deserve our respect and compassion and the importance of being kind to animals.

Do you have an animal cause that you're passionate about? Share with us!


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