Who are we looking for?

    We’re looking for passionate individuals to join the team in our movement to raise the bar for pet grooming care in Singapore.

    "Do what's right, not what's easy." If you share our beliefs and are up to the challenge (p.s. lots of hard work, heart work & not for the faint-hearted), come join our team and make a difference!

    • Things we really value as a team!

    Positions available

    Humane Grooming Specialist (Part-Time)


    As a Humane Grooming Specialist, your primary role involves caring for the animals' grooming needs while curating a grooming experience that supports their emotional needs through an empathetic, evidence-based approach - all with the goal of helping pets build resilience and confidence towards grooming procedures in a humane, sustainable way. More often than not, pets come through our doors with past emotional baggage that makes grooming more triggering for them. You possess the empathy, patience and resilience to support even the most sensitive of pets, and the people skills to collaborate and guide pet guardians in the journey.

    A Day at Work

    ‣ Conducting thorough, thoughtful pre-groom assessments and post-groom reviews with pet guardians

    ‣ Assessing, identifying and preventing triggers within studio environment and grooming procedures

    ‣ Working in a team and/or independently to perform humane pet grooming procedures

    ‣ Utilising empathy and resilience in providing grooming care for high stakes, special needs pets

    ‣ Supporting pet guardians with their questions and concerns

    ‣ Studio duties (i.e. getting studio and grooming space ready for each pet & guardian, studio and equipment cleanliness, closing duties)

    ‣ Retail duties (i.e. learning about products and making effective recommendations based on needs, offering authentic hospitality, managing payments, upholding retail aesthetics & cleanliness)

    You will work with dogs at Bubbly Petz and cats at Hey Good Cat on different days with reference to the schedule (they're a minute walk away from each other :))

    Qualities We're Looking For

    ‣ Possesses strong sense of empathy, responsibility, integrity, is detail-oriented and open-minded

    ‣ Believes in kindness and non-aversive treatment to animals

    ‣ Believes in sustainable processes, not quick-fixes. 

    ‣ Ability to sustainably support pets in stressful situations with patience, resilience and compassion

    ‣ Demonstrated ability to utilise empathy to manage interpersonal relationships and contribute to a uplifting and nurturing culture for all

    ‣ Desire to learn (learning curve can be steep!) and proactive in self & professional development

    ‣ Good judgement and problem solving skills

    ‣ Comfortable interacting with both dogs and cats

    ‣ Comfortable with human interactions, too

    ‣ Willing to adhere a cruelty-free and plant-based lifestyle in the studio premise

    In addition, applicants should be:

    ‣  Min. 18 years old, Singaporean or PR

    ‣ Proficient in written and fluent in spoken English 

    ‣ Can commit 3-4 days/week including a weekend day

    ‣ Able to work longer-term (At least 12 months)

    ‣ No prior experience required - knowledge and experience with animal behaviour and/or grooming is a bonus

    Takeaways & Remunerations:

    ‣ Trailblazing the humane grooming movement

    ‣ Being one of the firsts to learn and hone this pioneering approach with mentorship and training

    ‣ Deeper understanding into the science of safety to build better relationships with animals, people, and yourself

    ‣ Confidence to provide grooming care for pets of a spectrum of physical and emotional needs

    ‣ $10/hr (1.5x if workday falls on PH) with performance reviews & increments

    ‣ Staff discounts

    ‣ Simple plant-based lunch included (but BYO plant-based meal if you prefer)


    Kindly read in detail the position descriptions and email us at info@bubbly-petz.com to tell us about yourself and why you think you’re a good fit for the position. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted via email for an interview :)