from the founders

When Chocolate, a mixed shih-tzu doggo came into our lives in 2009, life hasn't been the same again. To give him the best care we could, the grooming needs of this long-haired pup was one of the first essential steps. The excitement of searching for a trustworthy space to upkeep his physical needs soon turned into feelings of worry and disappointment. Chocolate's growing wary of grooming led us on a discovery journey (and subsequently a distressing realisation) of what goes on behind closed doors. We knew that the pet grooming industry have to and can do better in the treatment towards our animal friends, and Bubbly Petz was born with the motivation to inspire that change. In 2014, we set up a space that focuses on kindness, transparency, and respect - a grooming space that Chocolate will never be wary of.

Since then, we've been striving to meet the needs of fellow pet guardians who share similar struggles by providing a safe grooming space and experience. Witnessing how an otherwise fearful pet transform into their calmer self towards grooming overtime spurs us to do better, and we are always seeking to improve and fine-tune our approach by keeping up with up-to-date force-free methods that promotes the psychological wellbeing of our animal friends, all while keeping our furry friends looking great!

Practicing and advocating grooming that puts animals welfare above all continues to be our mission, and we are hopeful to see a collective change in the grooming industry in the near future!

With love and kindness,
Desmond and Maeve