Meet the Founder: For Mew

Meet the Founder: For Mew

Ever wondered about the story behind the purchase you've just made for Fido or Fluffy? As simple an item it may seem, sometimes it encompasses a passionate individual's values and dreams. In the first of our Meet the Founder series, we're super excited to be featuring Stacey Young, founder and cat toy maker of For Mew who's also an artist herself!

Tell us more about yourself!

My name is Stacey. I am originally from Victoria, British Columbia. Mischa is from a cardboard box found in front of a store in Reno. Sammy is from the Nevada Humane Society. We all thankfully found each other and currently live happily with our little beta fish Finnegan, Marcel, Potato and Cecil in Reno Nevada.


I am a proud cat lady. I adore cats. They inspired me to start my cat toy business. They are my muses with my art. They are my everything. Even though cats are my favorite, I love animals. My love and compassion for them inspired me to become vegan. I love being vegan and celebrate it in every part of my life.

I am a self-taught artist and try to paint as much as possible when I am not making cat toys. I love working with textures and of course, images of cats. I use my art to help cat rescues through donations. It only seems right after all they happiness cats give me that I return the favor.

How did For Mew started and what does it means to you?

For Mew started due to the need for fun quality toys for my own cats. I started making them and after many requests for them from other cat parents For Mew was born. Purr More Hiss Less is sort of a catch phrase for For Mew. It captures my focus for my little toy business…. making cats and their owners happy, celebrating handmade and cruelty free principles, and helping cats in need.

For Mew cat toys are made by “real cat people” with organic catnip and vegan supplies. Minimal eco-friendly packaging.


Mischa as a kitten was always interested in toy making.

Share with us what makes For Mew’s toys special!

I think what makes For Mew toys unique is not only the super fun prints and quality but the energy put into making them. I truly believe what one person does has an effect on everything. When I design and make my toys I think about the joy it will bring some little cat and how their joy will pass on to their human. Then that person will pass their joy on to the shop owner who sells my toys and the shop owner will return that joy to me. With one little toy we all helped each other purr more. A circle of head boops around the globe.

Sammy likes to make sure the fabrics are quality.

Anything you’d like to say to your furry customers and their parents in Singapore?

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be working with Bubbly Petz. The happy chance that Maeve found me all the way in the high desert and being able to work together for many years is so wonderful. I am thrilled that my toys are bringing so much joy to cats and their parents in Singapore. Thank mew so much for your support and sharing your pictures and videos with me on Instagram.


All photos credit to Stacey @ For Mew


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