Meet the Team: Desmond Chan

Meet the Team: Desmond Chan

Bubbly Petz started with the need to create a safe, transparent grooming experience for both pet guardians and their pets, how have your approach evolved since you started?

In the early days, our grooming approach focused more on being gentle and patient, with the aim of keeping a calm interaction and experience for our furry friends.

As we go along, we learnt that being gentle and patient just isn’t sufficient, triggers are still triggers. Low-stress grooming isn’t low-stress until the pet tells us that it is – when they feel safe enough to get out of their fearful defensive state and transform into their calmer, receptive self. It’s a process and it’s what we try to do with every pet.

With the guidance of positive behaviourists and their evidence-based approach, grooming these days means equipping ourselves the soft skills to navigate the spectrum and depths of our furry clients’ needs, and customising an approach unique to each of them with the aim to reduce grooming fears and anxieties, all while making them look good.

“When you know better, do better.” It’s a never-ending journey of learning and fine-tuning of what we do. And be assured that we’re constantly pursuing the “better” that our animal friends need.

A perspective towards animals that need to change?

Projecting human’s standards of “normal” on our furry animals. It’s important to remind ourselves that our animal friends do have needs unique to them and that we should embrace coexistence instead of suppressing their normal behaviours to get them to do what we want them to do. Let our dogs do doggy stuff :)

A person that you look up to, and why.

Simon Sinek. I’m inspired by how committed he is in helping people wake up each day feeling safe and fulfilled. His ability to communicate ideas genuinely and his passion to support others’ journeys in making positive differences inspires me to do better for the team each day. I resonate with what he does and believes that if all of us were to incorporate these ideals into our lives and work, the world would be a kinder, better place. 

It's your off day and the weather is beautiful, what are you likely to be doing? 

I’m likely to be either cycling at the park or camping at the beach appreciating nature’s company with my wife and our little boss Chocolate.

Two truths & one lie?

a) I can speak fluent Cantonese.
b) I can eat food the portion for three people.
c) I love spicy food. 





Ans: a, even though he's cantonese. 

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