Meet the Team: Low Mei Lin

Meet the Team: Low Mei Lin

It is no secret that grooming can be a mentally challenging task, and there is someone in the Bubbly Petz studio who seems to be unfazed by any inner chaos. 

Meet Mei Lin - affectionately known as Mei - our Senior Lead Pet Stylist (and walking zen master) who has her ways of keeping both animals and humans around her calm with her zen-like presence.

Share with us what goes through your mind and gets you ready to groom a sensitive doggo?

I usually begin with being curious to understand what makes the doggo fearful, reactive or sensitive. Along with being understanding, I stay calm to give them a reassuring energy that hopefully shows them that I mean no harm and is here to help them through their grooming. Throughout the session, I always treat each animal like an individual, each with unique characteristic that I’ll be excited to uncover. Each animal has their reason to react the way they did, so I try my best to know what they dislike and what they would prefer.

Tell us about one of your hobbies and how have you been bringing the same skills/values to the workplace? 

One of my hobbies is to do yoga. It has taught me to stay centered, calm and grounded. Yoga has also taught me that it is not about the poses, it is about the process and our breathe. Just like yoga, the grooming session is not only about how they will look at the end of the groom, but how I can reassure the pet that it is ok, that their journey during the session is as stress-free as possible. 

Tell us about your doggos, and any wisdom they imparted that you’ve been bringing to the grooming studio?

One of my doggos, Yang Yang, was scared of grooming, he tends to bite out of fear. It is through exploring other methods that I’ve learnt that he reacts better with certain techniques. This wisdom has taught me to help other doggos explore different techniques that makes them feel slightly more comfortable with the groom.

Your Ideal Rest Day

Rainy day, a warm drink, a good book and good food.

Your secret power?

My secret power would be keeping and exhibiting calmness even when I’m not - animals do pick up how we feel and I find that useful in keeping the grooming environment calm for the animals.


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