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Adaptil Transport Spray (60ml)

Adaptil Transport Spray (60ml)

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The Adaptil Spray provides targeted, comforting support for your dog either at home or on the go. It is ideal for any time you would like to give your dog some extra reassurance when you have visitors, are travelling long distances, adjusting to a new environment, visiting the vet or hospitalisation.

Adaptil is a synthetic copy of the natural canine appeasing pheromone that puppies are exposed to after birth when feeding from their mother and helps treat and prevent fear and stress related behaviours that result in destruction, house soiling, vocalisation such as whimpering or whining as well as anxiety. Adaptil is designed especially for dogs, is odourless, non-sedative and can be used alongside all types of medication. It can be sprayed directly on bedding, inside crates, indoor kennels or in the car.

Can be sprayed directly on:

  • Bedding, 
  • Inside crates,
  • Indoor kennels, or
  • In the car. 
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