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Feliway Classic Spray (60ml)

Feliway Classic Spray (60ml)

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Feliway Classic Spray is an excellent remedy for helping cats cope with stress at home or on the go and for eliminating unpleasant behaviors. Feliway Classic is a synthetic pheromone of the feline facial pheromone (FFP) that cats release when they feel comfortable rubbing their cheeks against their legs or furniture.

The natural facial pheromone reproduces this Feliway Classic synthetic formula, which reassures, comforts and calms your pet, providing a sense of security in the region in which it is located. When cats are stressed, they start behaving inappropriately, such as scratching, spraying, and hiding. Feliway Classic helps to reassure them and provide them with the warmth they need.

However, Feliway Classic, for cats who are overly offensive or behavior that are not derived from stress, is not appropriate. In infected areas, such as scratched furniture or urine marked by your pet, simply use Feliway Classic Spray generously once a day and wait 15 minutes before allowing your cat to return to the affected area.

Remember to thoroughly clean the affected area for the optimal effect before spraying. Keep repeating this step before your cat becomes comfortable with the furniture and a shift in its behavior occurs.

For reasons such as driving, simply spray the carrier with Feliway Classic Spray on the go and wait 15 minutes before putting your cat in the carrier. Repeat this step every 4 to 5 hours to guarantee a healthy journey for your pet. Do not explicitly spray it on your cat. Feliway Classic Spray in the Feliway Classic Diffuser & Refill 30 Day Starter Kit is available for home use (48ml).


  • for cats of all ages
  • Can be used on the go or for home use
  • Provide comfort and reassurance for cats that feel stress
  • Prevents and control unwanted behaviours
  • Derived from the natural feline facial pheromone
  • Not recommended for overly aggressive cats and behaviours not related to stress
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