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For Mew

For Mew Organic Catnip Crisp

For Mew Organic Catnip Crisp

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For Mew Catnip Crisps

  • Not just groovy quality artisan cat toys, For Mew is an inspiring small business that bonds cat people together celebrating the handmade movement and helping cats in need.
  • For Mew cat toys are made by “real cat people” with organic catnip and vegan supplies. Minimal eco-friendly packaging.
  • For Mew cares! They donate 10% of all sales to help cats in need at Nevada Humane Society.
  • Located in Reno, NV.

Crisps are fun catnip toys with a crispy surprise to give that wrapper sound and feel when kitty bites 'em. They are small toys that kitty can toss about and carry around with lots of catnip power! 

Inside each Crisp is a generous amount of organic catnip and a bunch of crinkle. 

Crisps 1 1/2" wide x 6 to 6 1/2" long Size may vary slightly. Back side of the Crisps are made with a fun coordinating print. For Mew toys are made with new vegan friendly materials and organic catnip. 

Materials are new, vegan, and organic catnip. 

** Please take note that each design is limited and varies. For online purchases a design will be randomly picked! To pick your own design do come by Hey Good Cat studio at 290R Joo Chiat Road :)

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