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Ohpopdog Straits Mint 17 Non-slip Bowl

Ohpopdog Straits Mint 17 Non-slip Bowl

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We all know that the Katong neighbourhood is infused with Peranakan culture, peppered with rich colours, flavours, and textures. But have you ever taken the time to appreciate the intricate details of Peranakan design? The Ohpopdog Heritage collection is inspired by various shophouses in Katong (number in its name is your hint) and also Peranakan apparel, cuisine and wares.

Ohpopdog bowls are made to last. The removable stainless steel bowl is safe and easy to wash while the printed melamine non-slip base adds a touch of practical fun.

Getting hungry just from looking at this print? We’re not surprised! Designing on an empty stomach, we ended up drawing mouth-watering traditional kuehs on our paper which led to the Straits Mint 17. If you take a closer look, the print also features the signature tortoise-shell shape which represents longevity. Where’s my kueh salat?

Approximate Size

Small: 190ml (good for mini breeds)
Medium: 400ml (good for small to medium dogs)
Large: 810ml (good for medium to large dogs)


Base: 100% BPA free melamine
Bowl: Stainless Steel
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