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pidan Pet Deshedding Comb

pidan Pet Deshedding Comb

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Stainless steel comb teeth for deep de-shedding
With tool 1mm apart from each other, it can reach deep to the root of the coat, increasing efficiency.

Easy to clean. Just push and tear.
Press the button and then wiggle the comb or manually tear off to immediately remove the hair on the comb teeth.

Five directions settings
Each suits different de-shedding needs and could use by the left or right hand.

A handy de-shedding tool with great flexibility
45° for focus areas
0° for coupling areas
90° for all areas

Round and smooth comb teeth to protect your pet's skin
The round and smooth comb teeth are carefully processed to prevent your pet's skin from getting scratched

Designed to reduce your fatigue
The handle and the comb form a 120° angle. You can hold easily and naturally. The soft and comfortable handle reduces fatigue for long deshedding sessions.

How to adjust the angle:
1. Press and hold the button, while turning the comb;
2. Release the button at the desired angle. Make sure the comb locks in properly before using it.

1. Please make sure there is no matted hair before using the de-shedding tool. Please take your pet to the animal hospital when there is matted hair or hair loss.
2. To prevent your pet from injuries, please do not pull with brute force.
3. Please clean up the tool in time after use to avoid the residue of pet fur oil which might cause bacteria breeding.
4. Please only use the de-shedding tool when your pet's coat is dry. If you pet has skin inflammation, sore abrasions, etc., please wait until your pet has fully recovered before using the de-shedding tool.
5. Please prevent foreign objects from getting into the moveable joints, as this might cause damage to the tool or malfunction.
6. Please keep it in a safe place after use to avoid accidental injuries to children and pets.

Made of ABS, Stainless steel, TPE

Size: 7.05 x 4.02 x 2.13 inch

Suitable for both Dogs & Cats

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