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Cat Poses Postcard

Cat Poses Postcard

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From the artist:

Everytime I look over at my cat, she's always curled up or contorted into some silly position.

That was the inspiration for this postcard. These poses are the silly poses she gets up to. I often see our community cats get into many of the same poses as well.

The 9 silly poses:
1. The shrimp (curled up tightly)
2. The drumstick (wave your leg in the air like you just don't care)
3. The loaf (all familiar)
4. The fat sausage (sprawled out)
5. The faterpillar (that scrunch when they first get up from sleep)
6. The Pretzel (no idea how it's comfortable)
7. The french lady (sexiness at its best)
8. The thinker (head on paw)
9. The diver (my cat sometimes sleeps like this, it's hilarious)

On the back of the postcard is a bonus pose: the insatiable.

Cat poses that cat lovers will be all too familiar with :)



  • Matte A6 postcard (148 x 105 mm, 5.8 x 4.1 in)
  • Ample blank space to write your own message
  • Comes wrapped in cellophane
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