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Fu Lu Shou Maneki Neko Lucky Japanese Cat Print

Fu Lu Shou Maneki Neko Lucky Japanese Cat Print

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A combination of Chinese and Japanese symbolism, this quirky set of Fu Lu Shou Maneki Neko prints brings together auspicious symbols from both cultures.

The Fu (福) print represents bountiful offspring and prosperity. The background is a seigeiha (青海波) which represents calm and peace. They were coupled to balance each other out, as the kittens show that children can be quite a handful.

The Lu (禄) print is a typical Japanese maneki neko with Chinese stylized ingots in the background. Lu represents status in Chinese tradition.

The Shou (寿) print shows an old grey cat with a long beard with Chinese stylized peaches in the background that represents longevity.

All these prints are copies of handmade and hand drawn designs. The cats were digitally outlined and coloured and everything else was scanned from a hand drawn design. The stamps were also hand carved.

Great as a house warming gift for a cat lover or even just a fun decoration for a home.

Please note that this listing is only for a set of 3 prints, no frame is included.

Each print measures 5.8inches X8.2inches (this is of the whole print, not the image size).
The image size itself is 5 x 7 inches. The frame is from Ikea and is the KNOPPÄNG (Article Number : 102.974.49)

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