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Steak and Eggs Please

Don't Like Christmas Card

Don't Like Christmas Card

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Grumpy cat tells you all the reasons why it doesn't like Christmas. In the end, we know the real reason why. It's really just a big ol' softie under that grumpy facade.

Send a sweet message without the mush with the help of a poem with a twist..

The poem reads:

I don't like Christmas,
why all the fuss?
I don't like Christmas,
who likes the hassle of buying gifts, no one does.

I don't like Christmas,
what with the trees and flashing bright lights,
I don't like Christmas,
with those damn carols on repeat all through the night.

I don't like Christmas,
with couples getting all smoochy,
I don't like Christmas,
people should just get a room already.

I don't like Christmas,
there is no reason to celebrate,
I don't like Christmas,
this holiday I want to decimate.

I don't like Christmas,
you are nowhere to be found,
I don't like Christmas,
Oh fine, because you aren't around.

Card Details

  • Matte white heavy card stock
  • A6 size (148 x 105mm / 5.8 x 4.1 in)
  • Website URL and small logo on back
  • Comes with a C6 envelope
  • Wrapped in cellophane

About SteakandEggsPlease

Currently residing in hot and humid Singapore, steakandeggs works out of his room and is venturing out into the creative world. He’s always had a fondness for art and all things DIY. Cobbling together bits and pieces of what he knows and picking things up along the way, he is curious to see where this takes him. He likes making art that makes people happy. He has been told that he looks like a gorilla and is the most unlikely-looking illustrator of cute things. He has chosen to take that as a compliment.

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