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Steak and Eggs Please

Grey Flat Face Cat with Cactus

Grey Flat Face Cat with Cactus

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"An A4 art print of a grey exotic short haired cat, leaning derpily off to the side and seated next to a cactus. The muse for this piece was Tango from @mambo926 on Instagram. Tango's thick mitts and silly expressions are what I like best about her.

A colourful addition to your home if you like cats or plants, or both!

Please note it does not include the frame.

The main body looks like one solid colour but the hairs on the cat were drawn stroke by stroke till they became an almost solid colour. I loved working on this series as it stretched what I was used to doing and knew how to do. I hope you enjoy this print as much as I have creating it."

SteakandEggsPlease also do custom "cat and plant" prints too!

Print details
Printed professionally
A4 size (210mm x 297mm / 8.3 x 11.7 in)
Thick archival, acid-free paper
Each print is signed
Comes wrapped in cellophane

About SteakandEggsPlease

Currently residing in hot and humid Singapore, steakandeggs works out of his room and is venturing out into the creative world. He’s always had a fondness for art and all things DIY. Cobbling together bits and pieces of what he knows and picking things up along the way, he is curious to see where this takes him. He likes making art that makes people happy. He has been told that he looks like a gorilla and is the most unlikely-looking illustrator of cute things. He has chosen to take that as a compliment.

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